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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Simple Pump be installed alongside my working submersible?

Yes, the Simple Pump deep well hand pump can be installed alongside a working submersible pump. This configuration is desirable to have the Simple Pump as a backup pump in case your submersible stops working or you lose power to your submersible pump due to weather or some other reason.

The submersible pipe and the Simple Pump drop pipes are installed next to each other in the well. The submersible pump can continue to be used in your existing system with the Simple Pump. The Simple Pump provides access to your well water if you lose power or if your submersible pump stops working.

Can I cut my own PVC piping?

When purchasing a Simple Pump Deep Well hand pump or a Simple Pump Motorized Well Pump Kit, we provide everything that is needed for the pump to work which includes the drop pipes that go in your well. Please note, if you cut the drop pipes, the Simple Pump Warranty would become void — since we cannot warranty a mechanism that is dependent on the unknown quality and precision of someone else’s cutting and threading.

While, in theory, PVC purchased from someone other than Simple Pump can be cut and used in a well pump. Our drop pipe kits are designed with years of experience and are manufactured with custom fittings to hold together with stainless steel couplers and rod guides to ensure the pump rod is in the correct location for the Simple Pump to work efficiently.

Can I install the Simple Pump by myself?

Maybe. Installing the pump is technically quite simple. Many of our customers install the Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump without a professional installer.

If your submersible pipe is on a pitless adaptor, please watch the Simple Pump Hand Pump Installation video to get an understanding of the complexity of the installation. The video is only an overview and detailed print instructions with photos are shipped with the pump. Please read and follow the print instructions, point by point.

Depending on the depth of your well and the length of the installed Simple Pump equipment, the equipment and skills of a professional installer become more necessary. This is due to the weight being handled which increases by about 5 lbs for each 9’ section. Depending on your strength, ability, and assistants to do this kind of work will help you to decide if you should use a professional. We recommend professional installation when the drop pipe length is getting beyond fifteen 9’ sections (135’) – 75lbs.

The equipment and skills of a professional installer will be needed at least for swapping out the well cap if your submersible pipe exits through the well cap. Once our well cap is in position, you can choose to have the professional continue with the Simple Pump installation or choose to do the Simple Pump installation yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are doing the installation yourself, you MUST have at least one other person assisting with the installation.

We have many Simple Pump Dealers that provide professional installation. Utilize our Find a Dealer tool to locate one near your location.

Can I use my old well cap?

Unfortunately no, you can’t use your existing well cap with the Simple Pump well pump system.

Simple Pump well caps are specifically designed to position the Simple Pump deep well pump system in your well. Existing well caps typically contain ports on the top surface of the well cap that interfere in the positioning of machining a port for the Simple Pump.

If you have a pitless well cap, it is unlikely to have a flat surface to mount a Simple Pump. Commonly, existing pitless well caps were not designed to support a Simple Pump installation.

Simple Pump provides well caps for pitless and non-pitless wells. We also have our own well adaptors for wide dug or bored wells with covers.

What is Well Depth?

Well depth is defined as the full depth from ground level to the solid bottom of your well shaft.

Do I need to use a safety line with my Simple Pump?

No, you do not need to use a safety line with the installation of the Simple Pump.

The Simple Pump deep well pump system has been engineered to not need a safety line. We have designed the SIM073 machined billet aluminum safety tool as our method of offering a safe means of holding onto previously assembled 9-foot drop pipe kits.

All Simple Pump systems with more than (12) drop pipe kits also come with a T-Handle Installation Assist Tool that allows safe, controlled handling of the drop pipe kits

Is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) a risk for the motors?

Our simplest standalone motor units have no control circuitry — just a rocker on/off switch and a 25 amp glass fuse. So no EMP vulnerability. Other motor assemblies have control circuitry of very high quality, made to be as protected as reasonably possible.

Is hand pump water safe to drink?

Yes, hand pump water is safe to drink as long as the hand pump is manufactured to meet the standards set in the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Simple Pump products are manufactured to be compliant with the Safe Drinking Water Act.

In the Simple Pump, all metal in the pump is high-grade, lead-free stainless steel. The check valve is lead-free brass. PVC is certified for drinking water use. Fiberglass resin is certified for drinking water use. Be sure to use specific drinking water compatible hose to take water to your house, not a garden hose.

How much water does the Simple Pump pump?

A full stroke of the Simple Pump delivers 4.5, 8.5, or 20.5 ounces, depending on the pump cylinder.

Can the pump really develop enough pressure to fill my pressure tank?

Yes, the Simple Pump can pump into a pressure tank in most wells.

The Simple Pump has been manufactured to very stringent tolerances which let the pump develop sufficient pressure to fill a residential pressure tank to a pressure of 45 psi and with only moderate effort.

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