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How can I Find Out My Well Specifications or Measure My Well?

June 3, 2024
5 min read

Well Specifications Report

Critical well specifications will be in your well report. If you don't have a copy of your well report you can use our page on how to find your well report to help you get a copy of your well report.

Measure Your Well

You may need to measure your well to ensure you get an accurate Simple Pump quote and your pump system meets your needs.

  • If you don’t have a copy of your well report, contact your well company to see if they have a copy of your well report.
  • Or you may need your well company to come and do a current measurement. If you are going to have them do the installation, checking your well specifications would be part of their job.
  • If you know how to take your well cap off safely and if your well is not very deep, you may be able to measure the water level and well depth yourself. Use a line plus weight plus float for water level, and a line plus weight for well depth. (The deeper the well, the more chance there is of getting the line tangled in the submersible wiring.)
  • If you don’t know the information and don’t have a well company, we can check if there is a Simple Pump dealer nearby. Send us your location and we will let you know our closest dealers.

Well Water Level

For the most vital spec - the water level - another option is to buy or rent the ENO Well Watch from us.

The ENO Well Watch is especially useful to keep an ongoing eye on your water level, if it tends to fluctuate appreciably, or if there is a drought.