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Simple Pump Solar Capabilities

November 27, 2023
5 min read

The Simple Pump, fully integrated, standalone solar pump system was carefully designed and built in keeping with the same tradition of the Simple Pump hand pump – “Quality to Last a Lifetime” — in contrast to so many products today that are conceived in reverse, i.e. price, profit and, lastly, product.

A company can build anything at any price and still make a profit as long as they’re willing to sacrifice quality. Simple Pump focuses only on the quality of the product throughout the entire developmental process.

We believe there are advantages to Simple Pump’s solar pump system over other systems; advantages that we carefully built into the system from day one – reliability, durability, versatility, and serviceability in the field. When we bring these factors together, you receive quality for your hard-earned money.


Reliability begins with the 24-volt high torque motor/reduction gear/linear bearing link drive, which has the same toughness as the starter motor in your car or truck. The only service required is a brush replacement after 14,000 hours of runtime.

Our solar controller is widely considered the best pulse width modulated charge controller in the industry with a full 5-year warranty and a 15-year life expectancy. It not only provides the best charge algorithm for your batteries, it also has a built-in continuous digital display showing panel voltage, battery voltage, and load current, invaluable for battery monitoring and troubleshooting information.

You have complete control over your solar modules, batteries, and loads all from a single pushbutton on the Morning Star, not to mention the list of circuit protections for all connected components.

We also include a fully programmable German-made digital timer which offers the end-user the option of eight separate duty cycles per day, seven days a week, and comes with a five-year battery for memory storage. Having a timer adds another level of versatility.

The motor load is switched through a heavy-duty solenoid while the control circuits stay separated and are switched through a weatherproof rocker switch on the outside of the cabinet for easy access.

Should you choose to control your Simple Pump with a float switch or a pressure switch, this easy bit of wiring can be done on the terminal block inside the control box.


Coupled with reliability comes, of course, durability. Except for the solar panels and batteries, everything described thus far comes to you in a 20 GA high-quality stainless steel cabinet with a gasketed locking door and cooling fan to keep the weather out and components cool year-round, for maximum extended service life.

The solar panels we provide are as high a quality as we could find and come with the best warranty we could find – 12 years on workmanship and 25 years on performance, warranty honored throughout the USA.


Simple Pump's Solar Panel Motor System has an advantage no other motorized pump offers. Perhaps a tornado takes away your solar panel. Perhaps a branch falls on your panel in a winter storm. No problem. The cabinet and contents mount to an adapter plate which bolts directly onto your Simple Pump using the same four holes that held the pump lever, making the change from the hand-operated pump to solar and back again an easy 15-minute task in an emergency.


While we have seen many other integrated systems put together by other companies, we haven’t seen any as compact and complete as ours. We took the time and did the engineering for you. Plugin the batteries and solar panels and go.

Simple Pump and Simple Pump Solar stands apart from other pumps in the same classification not only in the quality of components and materials but also in the design concept. Our system uses the most current technology for maximum performance coupled with proven “old-school” mechanics for bulletproof reliability.

  • High-quality panels begin charging as soon as they see the sun, even in the low light conditions of early morning and evening.
  • The battery bank guarantees a full day of runtime with no sun at all.
  • Our solar controller, with load output terminals, stands in between the solar array and the pump motor. This helps to maintain a high operating voltage for consistent RPM while at peak output (i.e. carrying the full motor load), with the panel simultaneously charging the batteries.
  • The entire solar package stays above ground for easy installation and service. The only part in the water is the pump cylinder.
  • The motor, itself, is at ground level, not in the well.
  • Economical replacement of any failed component.
  • And all of the electrics have been done for you.


Simple Pump is neither a helical rotor pump nor a centrifugal pump. Our pump lifts the water, refills the cylinder, and lifts again. If we cannot deliver the volume of water you need, we might not be the right choice for you. However, if we can meet your daily water needs, we just may be the best choice!