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Simple Pump Dealer Marketing and Sales Support

November 27, 2023
5 min read

Simple Pump Dealer Benefits

  • NO STOCKING REQUIRED. We drop-ship.

Marketing Assistance

FAQ's Document

A set of answers we use for common questions. This can be useful for phone calls. The document contents can easily be copied and pasted to use in emails.

Marketing Materials

  • Brand Portal
  • Various ideas on how to help you effectively get the word out about the Simple Pump and what it can do.
  • Brochures
  • Printable quote form to take notes on phone, on location, or at a trade show
  • Advertising Banners
  • Social Media Shareables

Demo Simple Pump Unit

Full display of the Simple Pump Hand Operated Pump

Website Materials

The core Simple Pump information is ready to incorporate into an existing site.

Simple Pump authorizes its approved Dealers the use of its logo, slogans, and terminology for your articles, advertisements, and brochures.

You can also adapt Simple Pump materials into articles, ads, and so on for purposes not covered by the brochure and flyer we provide. You may use the Simple Pump logo, slogans, and other terminology. (You just need to run those materials by us first, to ensure accuracy.)

Ongoing Support Assistance

The more you learn about the Simple Pump, the more effectively you will be able to assist your customers. For those times where you need additional assistance, we remain available for any questions.