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Simple Pump Dealer Opportunities for Preparedness Companies

November 27, 2023
5 min read

People who are already thinking about Preparedness - and that is a HUGE number of people these days - are thinking about secure and reliable access to their water.

Since the Simple Pump can fit in the majority of wells alongside a submersible, it is the best preparedness/security solution for most well owners.

Significant numbers of well customers stepping forward and ASKING FOR A WAY to maintain access to water during power outages --- without even knowing that any such thing exists. I.e. there is a demand, and that demand is growing. And other options available have unacceptable limitations and carry prices that are out of range.

The homeowner’s main alternative to buying Simple Pump is doing nothing -- NOT the purchasing of something similar from another vendor. This is true not only because of our price point but because the offerings at the higher price tier are really not "similar" in fundamental ways that matter to making the sale. Simple Pump has many features that are literally unique. In many cases, there IS NO COMPETITION.

People Really Want This

The way to offer the Simple Pump is to concentrate on where most Simple Pumps are sold - as a backup to a submersible. Selling is much easier than selling many types of products. People often just need to be informed a solution to their problem exists.

The majority of well owners are potential purchasers. Everyone who will have a well drilled in the future is a potential customer.

The Simple Pump generates new business that would not otherwise materialize. You can:

  • Tell all PREVIOUS clients about Simple Pump - Many of them have, of course, already experienced that they cannot rely on the grid. And there are many other concerns; US or world economics, politics, EMPs, climate, and more. Many are going to be very happy to hear about this great new pump you now can offer them.
  • Tell all NEW clients about the Simple Pump. We think the Simple Pump deserves to be regarded as one of the CRITICAL CORE PRODUCTS of Preparedness. Odds are many clients are going to be very interested in a quality pump to act as a reliable backup for WHEN (not “if”) the power goes out.

There is No Price Competition for Other Firms

Other pumps that are cheaper are of markedly inferior quality, while those that may seem comparable to a homeowner:

  • Are actually more limited (e.g. in the wells they’ll fit in, how deep they can pump from, whether they can pump uphill or into pressure, and more)
  • Are not of as good quality
  • AND cost 30 to 50 percent more.

No other product comes at all close to satisfying the need at an acceptable price point.

What About Generators?

One option that prospective clients sometimes bring up when discussing backup is the use of generators. You can bring this up before they do, and explain why the Simple Pump is a better choice if they want TRULY RELIABLE backup and ultimate water security.

  • A generator can blow a fuse in the middle of a winter storm.
  • There may or may not be enough gas around the property.
  • If the gas is old, the generator may not even run.
  • Gas can become expensive or difficult to get. (It happened not so long ago. Remember the huge line-ups.)

So if they want REALLY secure backup, the Simple Pump, in fact, provides that security to a much greater degree than a generator.

In Conclusion

Experience with our Preparedness retailers clearly shows a huge demand out there, in people who are already engaging with companies like yours.

Clearly (as much as we can say such a thing from over here) there are considerable numbers of sales, basically just waiting for you to pick them up --- and at the cost of very little effort.

What are you waiting for? Apply to become a Simple Pump Dealer today!