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Simple Pump Dealer Opportunity for Well Professionals

November 27, 2023
5 min read

Well Professionals

We are hearing from well professionals that a significant number of well customers ASK FOR A WAY to maintain access to water during power outages — without knowing that any such thing exists. I.e. there is a demand, and that demand is growing.

And that the other options available have unacceptable limitations and carry prices that are out of range.

The homeowner’s (or other end user’s) main alternative to buying Simple Pump is doing nothing — not the purchasing of something similar from another vendor. This is true not only because of our price point but because the offerings at the higher price tier are really not “similar” in fundamental ways that matter to making the sale. Simple Pump has many features that are literally unique. In many cases, there IS NO COMPETITION.

People Really Want This

The way to do this is to concentrate on where most Simple Pumps are sold – as a backup to a submersible.

Selling is much easier than selling many types of products. It’s often just a matter of informing consumers. People already want this. They just need to know a solution to their problem exists. Very little knowledge about competitors required.

There is no price competition from other firms. Other pumps that are cheaper are of markedly inferior quality, while those that may seem comparable to a homeowner are more limited, are not actually of as good quality, AND cost 30 to 50 percent more.

No other product comes at all close to satisfying the need at an acceptable price point.

Installing is very, very easy. Dramatically easier than installing a submersible and much easier than any professional can imagine, before actually installing one.

Little Time Investment Necessary

Selling the Simple Pump is different than the standard well industry model.

Unlike other water equipment, it is not merely an improved way to deliver the same function, as a new submersible. It generates new business that would not otherwise materialize, in a time when the market for services offered by drillers is contracting. It can be used to:

  • Increase margins, when combined with already-planned service calls.
  • Open doors within a driller’s customer base, or when targeting well owners whose driller has left the business.
  • Increase the sale to a new customer when doing a well drilling/submersible installation job.

It fills the only clearly unmet need in water equipment. We know of no other unmet need – fail-safe access to water – that many well owners voice right now. It is nothing short of amazing that they are asking, not knowing that something like Simple Pump exists.

It is a sale like few others for drillers: Get the word out and move on. No haggling.

Based on the performance of many of our dealers, during this tough time in the business, Simple Pump can help you add a very positive component to your business.

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