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Simple Pump Industrial and Environmental Pump Applications

November 27, 2023
5 min read

Industrial Applications

The Simple Pump hand-operated water pumps and motor-operated water pumps are ideal products for industrial and environmental water pump applications.

The hand pump and motor pumps can safely move contaminated water, highly impacted groundwater, water containing trace elements, and other debris from contaminated wells to storage tanks.

Rugged and Reliable

Over 200 Simple Pumps have been installed in Canadian solid waste landfills where the Simple Pump is pumping garbage water as part of methane recovery operations.

These pumps operate 24/7 every day and have been doing so for several years with minimal maintenance issues.

Most of these pumps are pumping from 65 feet using the 12v DC Simple Pump solar-powered motor-operated system.


The 24" lever arm on the Simple Pump deep well hand pump provides a leverage ratio of 3.3 to 1. This unique feature only takes 12 lbs. of force to pump up to 5 gallons per minute from 100'. At 200 feet, with our 36" lever arm, you still only need 12 pounds of force per stroke.

The Simple Pump works smoothly even when installed at an angle or in hard-freeze areas.

Simple Pump is an economical choice for desalinization, irrigation, and dewatering applications.

Easy to Deploy

The Simple Pump can be quickly moved from well to well, making periodic well sampling easy and fast.

Simple Pump's small access diameter of 1.75" makes it ideal for environmental sampling/well monitoring applications. Safely move contaminated water, highly impacted groundwater, and water containing debris from the well to your sample storage system.

Sample Application Benefits

  • Easy to pump 5 GPM ensures sufficient surge
    Much more effective than common small pumps.
  • Light but strong
    Easier to deploy than common heavy pumps. No heavy truck needed to carry to the site.No special lifting rig required for installation.For example, all components required to pump from 92 feet weigh just 80 pounds.
  • No cutting and gluing PVC
    Possible lengths of 108”, 54” and 27” with the 4' riser tube that can easily be raised or lowered ensure that everything screws together for any given depth requirement.
  • Deep Well Compatible
    Pump from static levels up to 325 feet using the lever-arm model -- 225 feet with the DC Motor. (More info.)
  • Freeze-proof
    Works smoothly even in hard-freeze temperatures.
  • Easy to Deploy
    Can be safely and quickly installed/moved with a few basic tools - e.g. Allen wrenches and vice grips.
  • Easily converted between hand-operated and motor-operated
    Power-frugal 1/5 or 1/4 horsepower DC motor can be bolted onto the pump head in minutes.Can be powered by solar or other DC source.
  • Great substitute for air driven pumps
    Free from air line issues such as maintenance, water condensing and freezing, in-place network of lines.
  • The ONLY hand pump made using CNC machining
    All metal in contact with fluid is stainless steel.Graphite-impregnated bronze bushings are used at the three pump-head pivot points.
  • Unmatched durability
    Designed for 50+ years of usage.
  • Affordable
    More affordable than any comparable pump. Lowest total cost of ownership.