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Simple Pump Maintenance - Machined Well Cap, Pump Head, and Handle Fasteners

November 27, 2023
5 min read

Annual Maintenance for the Simple Pump Machined Well Cap, Pump Head, and Handle

Multiple Fasteners

As you can see, there are multiple fasteners on the head portion of the Simple Pump and we want to make sure that they are tight so that over time they don't loosen and start to wear parts of your Simple Pump out prematurely.

Machined Well Cap

The Simple Pump machined well cap is a little different than our sealed well caps in that it doesn't have bolts that brings two pieces together. The machined well cap has four pinch bolts that come in from the side of the well cap.

  1. The machined well cap pinch bolts are 3/16 Allen and you tighten them until they are as tight as you can get them against your well.
  2. These bolts can loosen up over time as you're pumping the system, but if you check annually, your pump should work correctly.

Split Flange

The split flange is what holds the Simple Pump system to the well cap.

  1. There are four total bolts here, one on the side which is we call the pinch bolt. This is the first bolt that you want to make sure is tight. You can crank this pretty hard. The aluminum's thick and can handle that. Make sure the split flange is really tight and that will prevent the pump system from dropping over time due to gravity.
  2. After the pinch bolt is nice and tight, double check that the three bolts on top are tight as well.

Handle Bracket

The handle bracket is what mounts to the pump head and manages the pivoting of the pump handle.

  1. There are four different bolts that utilize a 3/16" Allen head. Just make sure these are nice and tight.
  2. This will make sure that that handle bracket and the geometry of the handle works correctly.

Pump Rod into the Clevis

The pump rod attaches to the clevis which is attached to the pump handle to generate the piston rod motion of the Simple Pump.

  1. The clevis and pump rod are joined with a left hand thread so you're going to tighten these in the opposite direction that you typically would tighten a screw joint.
  2. Make sure that you tighten this joint with a wrench. It's best to tighten this last as it may loosen with the movement of the other joints.

That's it. Those are the fasteners that you have for our sealed cap and all the head portion above that.