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Simple Pump Overview

November 27, 2023
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The Simple Pump Company was started in 1999 and manufactures drinking water pumps based on a basic design used since the 1850s called a sucker rod pump. This is the type of pump you’ll have seen driven by windmills in westerns. The modern Simple Pump updates that idea with many design innovations, precision machining, and the highest quality materials.

Simple Pump Cylinders

Two sizes of pump cylinders were originally offered, up to 3GPM model and up to 5GPM model. Both utilize a positive displacement, self-priming, progressive lift, sucker rod pump designed with a stainless steel pump cylinder body, and a machined PVC piston and stainless steel piston rod. Drop pipes are 1″ Schedule 80 PVC with stainless steel couplers, and the lift rods are lightweight 20,000 lb. (tensile strength) fiberglass with fused stainless steel ends.

Safe Drinking Water Act Compliant

The Simple Pump is Safe Drinking Water Act compliant. All contact parts are approved for use with drinking water.

Freeze Proof

The deep well hand pump is freeze-proof by way of a weep hole drilled in the top drop pipe. The position of the weep hole is determined by the location of the frost line where the pump is being installed. This allows the water to drain back to below the frost line when not in use.

Power Input Configurations

Simple Pumps are offered in three power input configurations:

  • Hand Pump (Lever-arm configuration)
  • Motorized configuration (DC power: solar, battery or converter)
  • ADA-compliant crank input configuration (USDA-FS model – ADA100) (discontinued)

Maintenance and Wear

The Simple Pump has very few points of wear:

  • at the u-cup seals on the piston and at the rod seal in the pump head
  • at the rod guides in the drop pipe (one rod guide per 9′ section)
  • and at the pivot points of the handle.

The u-cup seals and rod guides last for many years before replacement. Replacement timeframe depends on multiple factors not limited to the frequency of use, water composition, and pump configuration.

All Simple Pump prices are F.O.B.-Gardnerville, Nevada straight from our headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Pumps are shipped by FedEx Ground in the lower 48 states. Other shipping is used as appropriate, worldwide.

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