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Simple Pump Well Pump Home Installation Configurations

November 27, 2023
5 min read

Simple Pump Well Pump Configurations for Your Home

1. Hand pumping to pressurize your home's water system


This example system diagram shows how the Simple Pump deep well hand pump easily fits with your existing electric pump using the top casing adapter. A minimum 4-inch (internal diameter) well casing is needed to accommodate the two pumps. Most residential well casings are adequate.

If your well has a pitless adapter, the installation is very easy. Your existing submersible is undisturbed during this easy installation.

If you have a pressurized water line coming out of the well cap, then you will have to support the weight of the pressurized line while installing this pump, and in that case we recommend using a professional installer. We can advise you on the best way to go for your particular circumstances.

To increase options, you can also receive water right at the spigot, to fill a separate reservoir, by adding a simple T with two shut-off valves at the pump outlet. You can fill a reservoir, and then gravity feed your home.

Or install a Simple Pump motor to your deep well pump to pressurize your entire home. By installing the motor drive option, the entire system is fully automatic.

You can use a standard pressure tank and switch for independent operation, or integrate it into your existing system so it comes on automatically when your utility power fails. We can assist you with any technical questions.

2. Configuration with Solar Panel

For greater emergency flexibility, add a 200 to 500-gallon poly reservoir, and either gravity feed or pressure pump the water to your home.

A 12v booster pump can pressurize your entire home. A Simple Pump solar-powered well pump kit or wind unit with a small battery can power the 12-volt motor drive.

See the example auto-pump system, showing water lines and wiring. When the pressure tank falls to a pre-determined pressure, the switch turns the booster pump on to fill the pressure tank.

3. Motor-powered to house pressure

Recommended maximum pumping depth for a Simple Pump motor-powered pump is 225 feet water level. (Our deep well hand pump limit is 325 feet. More info.)