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Recommended Use and Configuration of the Simple Pump Motors

November 27, 2023
5 min read


Typical use is a single-family with maybe a vegetable garden and a few animals, using somewhere in the range of some hundreds of gallons per day.

Also used out on the pasture or for industrial uses where the gpd is similar to a single-family.

The total head varies for the motor model. The maximum is 225′ (for a 24v motor with linear bearing link drive).


The solar-powered Simple Pump is an integrated, standardized system that will provide water at the surface.

What you do after that will vary, depending on your needs. The recommended configuration is to pump into the ambient (i.e. non-pressurized) storage tank of about 200-500 gallon capacity. Then, if you want to charge a pressure tank, a small transfer pump can the water from the ambient tank to the pressure tank.

Since the needs for tank volume and pumping capacity will vary greatly, we do not provide the ambient tank or transfer motor.

Tanks: See the range of Bushman drinking water storage tanks at the bottom of this page:


Transfer pump: Pumps designed specifically for this job are available from a number of vendors, e.g. Dankoff, Surflo, and Jabsco. Many such pumps cost less than $150.

Such transfer pumps include an integrated pressure sensor. It signals the transfer pump to turn on and off, according to a target pressure. The Simple Pump would then be controlled by a simple float valve in the reservoir tank.


  • Gives a greater reserve compared to having a pressure tank with much less capacity. This can be useful in day to day usage, and in situations such as being socked in with a multi-day storm.
  • Raises the overall reliability of the system.