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What is the depth of the well (in feet)? *

This is the distance from the ground to the solid bottom of the well. Must be a larger number than the static water level and the submersible set distance.


What is the static water level (in feet)? *

The static water level is measured from the ground level down. This is the stable water level in your well when you have not recently been pumping water.


The static water level measurement is: *

 Estimated  Measured

What is the Recovery Rate of the well? *

 More than 5 GPM

 4-5 GPM

 2-4 GPM

 1-2 GPM

 Less than 1 GPM

 Don't know

What is the Freezing level / frost line (in inches)? *

This is to ensure the pump will not freeze.


What is the inside diameter of the casing? *

Measure around the casing for the casing circumference, just below the well cap. For accuracy, use a soft, cloth-type measuring tape.








 6" sleeve + 4" liner

 6.25" thin wall (6 5/8" OD, 20.8" Circumference)

 6.25" thick wall (7" OD, 22" Circumference)

 6.25" ID / 6.625" OD + 4" Liner

 6.25" ID / 7" OD + 4" Liner

 Other (Please describe below)

What is the casing rise above ground level? *

From ground level to rim of casing

 More than 24"



 Less than 2"

Is there any vertical rise from the well head up to the point of delivery (in feet)? *


Who will install the pump? *

 My well company

 I need an installer

 I will do it myself

 Don't know yet

Is there a pump in the well now? *

 Submersible on pitless adaptor (through side of casing underground)

 Submersible not pitless. (pipe through the top of well cap)


 Other (please clarify just below)

 No pump in the well

Other Pump


What is the Position/set of the current pump (in feet)?

If known. From ground level to the position of the submersible. Must be a larger number than water level.


Are you going to pump to a pressure tank (now or future)? *

This is needed to make sure the pump is set to a correct position to allow for the weight of the static water level and pressure.



Are you interested in adding a motor (now or future)? *

Simple Pump’s motors operate to a static water level maximum of 225 feet.

 Yes, I might want a motor.

 Yes, I want a standalone motor now. I will take care of the power system.

 Yes, I want a motor and electronics now. I will take care of the solar panels and stand separately.

 Yes, I want a complete motor system.

 No, I do not want a motor.



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