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Can I Install onto an Existing Mark II/III/VLOM or AFRIDEV Pedestal?

November 16, 2023
5 min read

Simple Pump has developed a way to install the Simple Pump on a pre-existing Mark II/III/VLOM or AFRIDEV Pedestal installation with minimal cost and disruption.

If a site already has the Mark II/III/VLOM or AFRIDEV pedestal installed (sunk into concrete), the Simple Pump Pedastal-to-Casing Adaptor bolts to the top of the existing pedestal.

Then, the Simple Pump is installed on top of that attachment similar to an installation on any well casing. The height of the Simple Pump can be adjusted about 2.5 feet up or down. In this configuration, we expect that it will be installed with almost no riser tube extending out of the SImple Pump Adaptor.