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Can I install the Simple Pump by myself?

November 16, 2023
5 min read

Maybe. Installing the pump is technically quite simple. Many of our customers install the Simple Pump Deep Well Hand Pump without a professional installer.

If your submersible pipe is on a pitless adaptor, please watch the Simple Pump Hand Pump Installation video to get an understanding of the complexity of the installation. The video is only an overview and detailed print instructions with photos are shipped with the pump. Please read and follow the print instructions, point by point.

Depending on the depth of your well and the length of the installed Simple Pump equipment, the equipment and skills of a professional installer become more necessary. This is due to the weight being handled which increases by about 5 lbs for each 9’ section. Depending on your strength, ability, and assistants to do this kind of work will help you to decide if you should use a professional. We recommend professional installation when the drop pipe length is getting beyond fifteen 9’ sections (135’) – 75lbs.

The equipment and skills of a professional installer will be needed at least for swapping out the well cap if your submersible pipe exits through the well cap. Once our well cap is in position, you can choose to have the professional continue with the Simple Pump installation or choose to do the Simple Pump installation yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are doing the installation yourself, you MUST have at least one other person assisting with the installation.

We have many Simple Pump Dealers that provide professional installation. Utilize our Find a Dealer tool to locate one near your location.