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Can the Simple Pump be installed in a 2-inch Casing?

November 16, 2023
5 min read

Yes, the Simple Pump deep well hand pump system can be installed in a 2-inch casing.

Here are some special considerations for installation.

  • A 2” casing is fairly flexible, when extending the usual 12-18 inches above the ground, even if metal. The leverage through the securely mounted pump can actually make a 2” casing deflect as much as 2-3 inches for a metal casing or 6-7 inches for PVC. This deflection makes pumping tricky and, if the leverage is large, the leverage could actually damage the top drop pipe.
  • Rigid mounting is necessary for the Simple Pump. The best option is to not mount directly on the 2” casing. Use a four-foot section of 6″ metal casing as a sleeve around the 2″. NOTE: The 6” casing sleeve will NOT be centered on the 2” casing. You’ll need to look at your new Simple Pump well cap and then position the 6” casing off-center of the 2”, so the Simple Pump port is in the correct position to be above the 2” casing. Cut the 2” casing down to 12 inches above ground level. Dig down so the wider casing is well embedded in the earth, with its top two inches above the top of the 2” casing. Backfill around the casing.
  • To make the installation even more secure, use cement to fill the space between the two casings. Use the fine slurry of Portland cement, not aggregate. Just be sure to securely cover the top of the 2″ casing, before pouring. Now you can put the appropriate Simple Pump well cap on the 6" casing and install the pump on the larger casing with the drop pipes going down the 2” casing.

Many of our Dealers are also professional well and well pump installers. Use our Find a Dealer tool to locate one near you.