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How does the Simple Pump Solar Compare to Other Solar Pumps?

November 16, 2023
5 min read

The Simple Pump, fully integrated, standalone solar pump system was carefully designed and built in keeping with the same tradition of the Simple Pump hand pump – “Quality to Last a Lifetime” — in contrast to so many products today that are conceived in reverse, i.e. price, profit and, lastly, product.

Simple Pump and Simple Pump Solar stands apart from other pumps in the same classification not only in the quality of components and materials but also in the design concept. Our system uses the most current technology for maximum performance coupled with proven “old-school” mechanics for bulletproof reliability.

  • High-quality panels begin charging as soon as they see the sun, even in the low light conditions of early morning and evening.
  • The battery bank guarantees a full day of runtime with no sun at all.
  • Our solar controller, with load output terminals, stands in between the solar array and the pump motor. This helps to maintain a high operating voltage for consistent RPM while at peak output (i.e. carrying the full motor load), with the panel simultaneously charging the batteries.
  • The entire solar package stays above ground for easy installation and service. The only part in the water is the pump cylinder.
  • The motor, itself, is at ground level, not in the well.
  • Economical replacement of any failed component.
  • And all of the electrics have been done for you.