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How hard is it to pump water with the Simple Pump?

November 16, 2023
5 min read

With the Simple Pump, pumping water from normal depths is easy. The lever handle that is standard equipment with our pump system works on common leverage principles and provides a leverage ratio of 3.3:1. The actual force required is dependent on the total length of drop pipe assembly.

For a standard installation of 100 feet, it takes approximately 12 pounds of downward force. At 200 feet, you would be using our 3-foot (36-inch) handle. The effort is halved and is still only 12 lbs. At sets deeper than 275 feet, we would be swapping to the 100CA pump cylinder. This decreases the effort per stroke further, to only 17 lbs at 325 feet static water level. This is DRAMATICALLY less effort and much further down than any other hand pump.