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Where and how is the Simple Pump manufactured?

November 16, 2023
5 min read

Simple Pump parts are manufactured in high-end machine shops in the USA.

Mostly this is in our own machine shop with some components manufactured under our direction by specialty manufacturers. Computers operate machine tools directly, using the same instructions each time, ensuring the same cut every time. Even parts manufactured in different years always fit precisely.

With CNC machining, it is possible to manufacture a hand pump, and then, years later, confidently sell a motor to power that same pump. Because the screw locations and parts are located and sized so consistently, the motor can be installed on an existing system without any specialized knowledge, work reliably, and enjoy a long life.

Integral to the development of the Simple Pump was the investigation and choice of materials: choosing the best material for each part and purpose. Our research and understanding, our preoccupation with the materials and manufacturing processes, is the foundation of Simple Pump’s quality.

Our materials and our machining caused one client to write that the parts “look like they belong in an Indy car engine”.

All metal parts that make contact with water are lead-free stainless steel, manufactured to be compliant with the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Our well caps are aircraft-grade aluminum, machined from a billet rather than the more normal, and not as strong, casting process. The pump rods are high tensile fiberglass (with FDA approved resin) and stainless steel. The drop pipe is food-grade PVC. Due to materials, design, and consistent precision machining, the Simple Pump is smaller and yet stronger than other pumps — and can be used to a much greater depth.