Simple Pump's PVC Drop Pipes

There are several factors to consider about piping with Simple Pump Well Pumps.

When purchasing a Simple Pump Deep Well hand pump or a Simple Pump Motorized Well Pump Kit, we provide everything that is needed for the pump to work which includes the drop pipes that go in your well.

Please note, if you cut the drop pipes, the Simple Pump Warranty would become void — since we cannot warranty a mechanism that is dependent on the unknown quality and precision of someone else’s cutting and threading.

While, in theory, PVC purchased from someone other than Simple Pump can be cut and used in a well pump. Our drop pipe kits are designed with years of experience and are manufactured with custom fittings to hold together with stainless steel couplers and rod guides to ensure the pump rod is in the correct location for the Simple Pump to work efficiently. 

Can't I save money purchasing my own PVC?

How much savings are possible? The answer is, “Not much if any”. The drop pipe units are not JUST piping – in the sense of a hollow tube. The pipe contains the lift rod mechanism to lift the water. The pipe, itself, is about a third of the cost of the whole “drop pipe kit”. Depending on your depth, you are probably looking at a total price for the PVC PIPING itself of around $100 – $200. So you’re really not playing with a lot of money to try to make savings on. And at what cost in time and risk?

Next, you are quite right that shipping PVC is appreciable. However, the expense is not so much about weight; it is mostly about shipping 9-foot lengths. Removing PVC from the shipment does nothing to address this shipping cost because the 9-foot-long lift rods remain to be shipped. Our lift rods are fiberglass, and it took us considerable effort and time to figure out how to reliably affix their stainless steel ends. There is nothing comparable available anywhere, except from us.

Then you need to consider even being able to obtain Schedule 80 piping and Schedule 80 fittings. It’s actually unlikely that any average hardware store would have Schedule 80. The local well driller’s supply outlet may have the required drop pipe and fittings. But will they even sell retail to you, and at what price?

The reality is that there are little or no savings to be had, while you expose yourself to risk.

For all these reasons, we don’t sell our pump without our piping.