The Water Level and Well depth of your water well can be found on your well report. It would have both figures.

If you don’t have a well report, you can probably get a copy from your state government website, or your consumer protection branch, or your county health authority. (We can’t say which, for a particular area.)

Check out our article on how to find your well report.

The well company that drilled the well should have a record of your well too.

Or if you know how to do take the well cap off safely, you may be able to measure them yourself. 

Be VERY sure you are certain how to do this safely. 

Then you can measure the water level by lowering down a line with float and weight. Measure when the line goes slack. 

Bring up and measure the length of the line.  Do similarly without the float to get depth.  

ONE CAUTION: the further down your water, the greater the chance you might get the line tangled in the submersible wiring.